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Automatic Biodegradable High Speed paper drinking straw making machine

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Product Description

This Machine is suitable for producing different sizes of Drinking straws .
[1] It adopted with PLC controller; main motor is equipped with variable frequency speed regulation; touch screen man-machine interface. Easy for parameters setting & operating.
[2] Cutting section adopted with numerical multi-blades cutting system. Servo synchronous tracking cutting system makes it higher precision and multi-blades cutting makes it higher efficiency.
[3] Machine body and main spare parts made by stainless steel instead of painting. Ensure the hygiene and environmental protection of the products.

 1.  Our main machine with safe and moden deaign
 2.  Our control system with advanced configuration: PLC, transducer, electriical parts are from Schneider. This guarantee our machine in good quality and stable operation during server.
3.  High and lower voltage equipment separated distribution for more safety concern.
4.  We provide necessary test, field installation, commissioning and traning as your request.
5. We provide 1 year warranty, with right operation, if there is any damge during warranty period, we promise for replace the spare parts for free.

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What are pasta straws?

  • 2、Nov 23, 2019 - Hence the idea for a new edible straw, 100% biodegradable, produced with organic, gluten-free and non-GMO pasta. The revolutionary straw, 
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